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The Jebelya tribe; the inhabitants of St.catherine area in Sinai, Egypt, has a rich culture and beautiful folk arts, Anita Menzli met a Salah Mousa from Jebelya at a mountain hike where he talked with Anita about ideas that can make life in St.catherine better, Anita who has just decided to leave her homeland Switzerland to live by the placid sea shore of Dahab has discussed with Salah a sustainable project. They thought how to connect the folk expressions of Bedouin women to the fashionable trends of city life, and in the process create a benefit for 50 ladies who support 50 families for starters, in a way that would enhance their cultural communication and their quality of life.

Integrations of thoughts and cultures and a strong desire to express the heritage of St.catherine and give people a chance to work, socialize and liberate their creativity, led Salah to donor a place for showroom and workshop, Anita painted the showroom by herself, while they climbed uphill the problems of organization, training workers and initial product development beside their main careers.

Despite difficulties that tourism in Egypt suffered during the 4 years between 2012 and 2016, Beduina has taken the first baby steps, where a slow growth was maintained. Anita Menzli passed away at the end of 2015, and Salah held the reponsibility to push the project and expand the number of workers.

Every Beduina bag, purse, pouch, make up bag or coin purse is unique because the general guidelines and standards for production does not limit the creative freedom. Beduina thrives to enhance its design and creativity to bring women of Jebelya and women of all cities of the world a token of friendship and love.
St Catherine, South Sinai, Egypt
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